Get the team back together and run the courts this fall. This is your chance to ball out!  QSSC basketball plays 4v4 so there’s always lots of action!

Our Fall Registration Deadline is Tuesday, August 29th
Save when you register early with Podium Pricing!

ALL ABOUT QSSC basketball

There’s no better time to get out and be active, reliving your glory days out on the court. For those looking to get that cardio time in without feeling like you’re working out, Basketball is your weekly answer! Choose from a variety of skill levels that best fit your playing experience. Recreational and Intermediate divisions are offered throughout the week!

All leagues are mixed gender and teams are required to always have a minimum of 1 man and 1 woman on the court.

We Hope to see you and your teammates in the gym this season!


Fun-FOcused Leagues

Full-Time Customer Service

Schedules & Standings

Quality Game Locations

Prizing for League championS

Discounts at Local Pubs!

Self-Officiated Leagues

INCLUSIVity- All Are Welcome!


  • Choose the night you want to play, we offer leagues multiple nights of the week.
  • Games are 55-minutes with rotating start times.
  • Play at the Loyalist Sports Dome.
  • Leagues begin the week of September 18th and wrap up the week of December 11th.
  • Rosters & Schedules will be available to registered players at least two (2) days prior to your first game.

Skill Division & Roster

  • Choose between Recreational or Intermediate skill divisions. All leagues are fun-focused.
  • Individual teams will receive a Welcome Letter and Roster update no later than Wednesday, September 6th.
  • Mixed Gender Leagues: Teams must always play with a minimum of 2 men and 2 women on the field.

rules & equipment

  • All leagues are self-officiated
  • Rules for each sport can be found on the QSSC Sport Rules page. (See Link Below)
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own Basketball. The remaining equipment and set up is taken care of by QSSC staff. 


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