COVID-19 Safe Return to Play

We are committed to the highest levels of safety for our community of players. To play with the Sport & Social Club (SSC) and stay in good standing, the following guidelines must be followed for the protection of us all. The Sport & Social Club will update these guidelines as necessary, to ensure we follow local government and public health authorities.  

Please follow the links below to review our COVID-19 Protocol & Guidelines:


March 1, 2022 COVID-19 Update: 

Good Afternoon QSSC Participants,

We hope that you have been having an awesome season so far. We are so glad we could get you active and back to the sports you love with QSSC this winter!

As of today, March 1, 2022, the Ontario Provincial Government has lifted the requirement for businesses to check Proof of Vaccination. We are writing to update you that The Loyalist Sports Dome will no longer be checking Proof of Vaccine upon entry to the facility. 

Please note you will still be required to wear your masks upon entry, exit and all times you are not actively playing on the court or turf. 

Thank you,

The QSSC Team