"Love QSSC! This is my second season playing dodgeball - I have recommended and got 4 others to sign up and they are all equally impressed! For someone who’s new to this area, It’s been a great opportunity to meet other people in the community and create some great friendships in a fun environment!" -Jennifer L.

"This is my first year participating in a QSSC leagues.  I chose Monday night basketball as my first experience. I signed up as an individual not knowing any of my Teammates. Minus the aches and pains it’s one of the best experiences I have had playing basketball in quite some time. I was teamed up with a great group of people and makes every night a laugh, win or lose." -Matt.

"QSSC is all around a fun league for any talent level or age. Our soccer team has people from 22-55 on it. Most met in this league!" -Matt C.

"Love this league! Great place to get active and play together with friends and family, or to just learn a new sport and meet new people." -Julianna T.

"The league has been great. My friends and I have participated in a variety of sports over the past 3 or 4 years. Overall, the sports are good and everything is well organized." -Ashley W.

"Keep doing what you're doing! I like the variety of sports you have and the employees are all amazing! Continue to do what you do and hopefully we as a community can continue to support your business and you can grow and prosper here!" -Scott H.

"The crew are very quick to respond to any sort of question you may have. Whether on your team or against all people involved are enjoyable to be around and espically the crew running the games! Positive Positive Positive experience!" -Serena B.

"Thank you for creating this league. It's so nice to get out and socialise with other like minded people. It also provides much needed time out of the house that's not work related. ☺" -Michelle D.

"Over the last 3 seasons playing floor hockey with QSSC has been awesome! It's improved our skill level and fitness levels not to mention the great friends we've met along the way! Great job! See you next season! - Keep Calm and Score On" -Ashley G.